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Lovely gifts from friends and family

Thank you so much to everyone who gave both Estelle and Phoebe such thoughtful gifts. Marcello and Maria for the adorable outfit, The Bells for Oh the Places You’ll Go (with matching onesie!), Molly and Giuseppe for the book, Amy and Dan for Estelle’s new dress and Phoebe’s puzzle, Covers for the super soft blanket and bunny, Mary Jane for the two new Olivia and Madeline books, Paul’s family for countless treats and gifts and for the newest package to arrive, Aunt Trisha and Uncle John for Estelle’s new outfit and rattle plus Phoebe’s apron and this storage bin. If this is what they mean by getting your kids organized, we’re all set.

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After a week of early spring rain in Rome we were thrilled to see the sun.

Off to Villa Borghese we went, where we met up with Jonah (below), Linlea and Cori for a gorgeous walk.


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To the Vatican

We may be bleary-eyed but we still live in Rome and darn it, there are sights to see! We’ve actually been having a great time on the weekends with a new weekly activity that isn’t affected by little Estelle’s evening rant: Saturday lunches. Last weekend we walked down to a photo exhibit by National Geographic, followed by a “Pizza Lunch!” (You have to say it this way because it’s so exciting when you’re almost two years old.) Except the “pizzeria” that we stopped in last weekend didn’t serve pizza at lunchtime, much to Phoebe’s dismay since she’d been bribed looking forward to a Pizza Lunch! all morning.  Lucky for us, her second favorite is pasta.

This weekend we set out for Prati, the neighborhood which is home to the most famous church in the world, St. Peter’s. The Vatican. Outside St. Peter’s Square is currently an exhibit from Chile called the Stations of the Cross described by the Catholic News Agency like this: a total of 49 statues and 11 crosses form the 14 scenes that depict Christ’s condemnation to death, the carrying of the cross, his crucifixion, death and burial. The life-size figures were installed for a first-ever viewing on one side of the arrow-straight lane running from Castel Sant’Angelo to St. Peter’s.

It’s a heavy piece but fascinating since each scene features surprisingly realistic sculptures of Jesus, Mary, Roman soldiers and several other pivotal characters from that day. Plus of course, the enormous cross. For a second I felt the way I wonder if people did during those times; feeling curious but very wrong about coming out to see such a gruesome sight. Of course, ours was significantly less dramatic since the exhibit was lined with advertisements plus tourists milling about. The tourists I expected, but what really irked me, and it did, was that the entire crowd was going the wrong way. And they didn’t seem to notice. I guess they aren’t familiar with the events in the story? And they can’t see numbers, ordering each piece one by one? Weird. We bucked the trend by just walking alongside the exhibit on the side of the road (don’t worry, no babies were harmed in the making of this afternoon.)

Out of the stroller to run around in the square then it was on to lunch, this time for pizza. Phoebe was thrilled. Estelle slept the whole time. Until we got home…


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Five weeks of fussiness

There isn’t much to say, except that I’m relying on the sage wisdom of experts when I read that Estelle is reaching her peak of fussiness just about now. That, and we can’t wait to be on the other side.

I don’t remember Phoebe spending quite so many evenings sobbing away but will make a note right now: if we do this again (heaven help us!) we must remember that the first weeks are tough. Soon enough we’ll have more peace, not to mention smiles. But for now, it’s all hands on deck. And by that I mean we’ve broken out the Bjorn, swing, Ergo, stroller, bouncy seat, swaddling blanket, pacifier…and all available arms for holding. In fact, we’re accepting applications for evening holder/shushers now! Please apply within. Please.


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Costume for Carnival

{Carnival is a festive season which occurs immediately before Lent. Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask and public street party. People often dress up or masquerade during the celebrations, which mark an overturning of daily life. Carnival is a festival traditionally held in Roman Catholic societies. – Wikipedia}

This week is Carnival and for her Wednesday morning playgroup, Phoebe got to dress up in the glittery costume Grandma “Ginga” Mathews (of course!) sent in the shipment this summer.

Phoebe has a trunk full of dress up clothes including princess dresses, tiaras, and a custom made chicken costume. She won’t wear any of them. Except this one. She’s worn it twice and here’s how it goes:

She begs to put it on, holding the sequined skirt saying, “Pretty? Pretty? Pretty? Pretty? (repeat…)”

She puts it on and says, “Ooooh. Pret-ty, pret-ty!”

Then takes it off five minutes later, insisting on her regular clothes again.

Somehow this process takes an hour.


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Happy one month birthday Estelle!

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