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New dress and crazy socks: like father, like daughter

Colorful and cuteThank you Cindy! New to Rome (and FAO) from Alaska, Cindy gave this adorable dress and socks to Phoebe. And there’s more of a connection than she realizes.

If you didn’t know this about Paul, now you do. He loves crazy dress socks with suits. Stripes, patterns, the more colorful the better. Subtle but expressive just the same. Always makes me think of flair…

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And back for more

On Sunday we went to a pool. Phoebe remains unimpressed.

ho hum

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Fun in the sun, sort of

HatIt was hot hot hot in Rome this week so we headed to a lake on Saturday to cool off. Beautiful conditions, sunny skies, only moderately crowded…and dog friendly. Hooray!

Phoebe tried swimming (dipping is more acurate) for the second time. And for the second time, she didn’t really like it. Oh well, maybe when she’s 2 1/2 months old…

At least Carter enjoyed himself.


Not sure



Geared up

Yes please


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Best blanket ever

Julie's blanket

My aunt Julie, who lives on John’s Island in Washington, made this blanket for Phoebe. But there’s more to it. Each pattern represents something special. As her letter says:

  • Yellow duckies: just for you, baby girl!
  • Dog paws:  in honor of Carter, your first dog
  • Clouds, stars and the moon: for sweet dreams, and because you are loved more than all the stars in the sky
  • Fairies: in honor of two little fairies that have been protecting children for years, Pat and Maureen, resting on each side of your bed at night to watch over you
  • Hearts: to remember you are loved so much by so many

What a lucky little girl to have such a nice aunt, even miles away.

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Phoebe’s new gig

If only we were still in New York…

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Phoebe saw a play at the Forum

Looking on

Sort of. Due to a busy diapering, feeding and burping schedule we were quite late and only caught the last few minutes.

As I seem to be saying more and more these days, next time.

Miracle Players


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Adorable from Amy and Dan

Not only have they supplied us with at least half of our staples–play mat, car seat and more–Dan and Amy brought Phoebe these adorable outfits. Plus, a banana bread that I took care of in three days. And I’m not even “eating for two” anymore. Sad. True. More, please!


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Walking to the waterfall

On the way home from Umbria, we stopped at a waterfall about an hour outside of Rome. Next a debate ensued: take the 40 minute path through the woods and down the steps to see the sight close up or just check it out from the observation deck? Surprisingly (maybe) I was the one angling for a hike. But with Phoebe to carry–and protect from the splash–plus many bags to unpack before Paul went to work on Monday we decided against it. Next time.

black and white

Carter is game


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Castles and olive oil

We had the best location for this trip, centrally located so little excursions were easy and fun. Each day included a hike through the woods surrounding our villa, a swim in the pool or a visit to a nearby town–each one cuter than the next.

Below, our morning in Citta della Pieve which is on the border of Umbria and Tuscany, in the heart of Central Italy. According to my online source, this hilltop town was developed between the 7th and 8th centuries A.D. around the church (pieve) of saints Gervasio and Protasio, “patrons of the fortified lookout”. Now it’s mostly about selling oil, wine and cured meats to tourists. But both work.





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Let’s be friends



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