Five weeks of fussiness

There isn’t much to say, except that I’m relying on the sage wisdom of experts when I read that Estelle is reaching her peak of fussiness just about now. That, and we can’t wait to be on the other side.

I don’t remember Phoebe spending quite so many evenings sobbing away but will make a note right now: if we do this again (heaven help us!) we must remember that the first weeks are tough. Soon enough we’ll have more peace, not to mention smiles. But for now, it’s all hands on deck. And by that I mean we’ve broken out the Bjorn, swing, Ergo, stroller, bouncy seat, swaddling blanket, pacifier…and all available arms for holding. In fact, we’re accepting applications for evening holder/shushers now! Please apply within. Please.



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5 responses to “Five weeks of fussiness

  1. Cousin June

    Oh chair……. I feel your pain….

  2. Auntie Heather

    oh, I am sorry…I was very lucky to have the reverse…Skylar was fussy with NO relief…nothing but being held 24/7…Hailey was the opposite. Hardly ever cried. I will say it is MUCH easier when the 2nd is calm. Good luck to you all, it will pass and you’ll forget about it (again) until the next time?

  3. Jennifer

    I feel for you. Rhett was angry from the moment he came out! R u using milacon? Or anti- gas? That was jenna’s prob. I want to apply but my arms won’t reach. I’m sending warm, fuzzy, calm vibes your way!

  4. Idehra

    I would apply for the night sitter position, or any other for that matter. Hang in there guys-thank God it will pass. Sending lots of hugs amd prayers. What does Phoebe think?

    Love, Auntie Deara

    P.S. Take pictures of “L” in case you need something to blackmail her with when she’s a teen-ager! Oh, they should be without clothes.

  5. Nona Judy

    I’m ready and willing. Just have a few miles between us. Wish you were closer. It will pass. Pretty soon she will be all grown up and you won’t remember these tough times.

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