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Staying at the abbey

Let’s backtrack. Things have been very busy, hectic and otherwise hurried around here lately but that’s partially due to the fun we’ve been having (the other part involves crying). We packed up the girls for two lovely weekends in the last month and this was one of them. Paul booked us a family suite at the Abbazia San Pietro in Valle, an old abbey turned hotel, in the hills of Umbria. Actually, it’s one of the neatest places I’ve been to yet.

The grounds are amazing, nestled among hills, trees and flowers, all with a long history. It’s been around since the eighth century. Eight. A duke was first attributed to its inception, and over the years the abbey fell into the hands of other noble families and even the government. At one point during World War II, it became a refuge for people of the nearby villages, seeking shelter as German troops retreated, right into their homes.

Attached is a trattoria called Hora Media, which was not only wonderfully hospitable toward Phoebe and Estelle, it was delicious. More on this, plus hiking and more meals out, coming soon. For now, a tour… (Shaky camera alert. Anyone with a history of motion sickness should probably pop a Dramamine first.)

And there were animals too.


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Phoebe’s full repetoire in 61 seconds

Just in case you miss it, Phoebe’s default answer for “what color is it?” is red.

P’s favorite food is pizza, followed by pasta.

Her go to number is always two.

Little sister is called Stella, despite the fact that neither Paul nor I have ever called her this.

And speaking of Estelle, that’s who I’m pointing to when I ask who else likes pizza. Phoebe hasn’t picked up on subtleties like this just yet.

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See? Not crying at all

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Happy two month birthday Estelle

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