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She’s nearly two…

And she’ll tell you so! Phoebe’s latest list of phrases include the following gems:

  • I two.
  • Too hard Phoebe do.
  • Love you.
  • Hi Stella! Hi Stella!
  • I touch Stella. I pick up Stella. I help Stella. Phoebe help Stella.
  • I want juice. Please.
  • ‘Scuse me.
  • Buongiorno.
  • You stay here.
  • Daddy want pizza?
  • This Stella, this mama, this daddy…
  • Happy birthday to…YOU! (arm flung toward you with finger pointing for emphasis)


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Happy birthday Paul

It’s July 5th again which means we’re celebrating Paul’s big day. Tonight, we went for ribs and the only place in town where you can get a full rack is…the Hard Rock Cafe. It was still fun, festive and definitely meaty.

Meanwhile there was a whole lotta mac and cheese going on to my left.

And to celebrate a good night and another great year, Phoebe had her first gelato.

Good to the last lick.

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