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Potty prodigy

On the advice of a parenting website we consult often, we bought a little potty chair for Phoebe about a week ago. Just to get her used to the idea before potty training begins a few months (or more) from now. Fascinatingly, she uses it.

In the mornings, I usually get her up from her crib and bring her in. She sits right down and well, you know.

It doesn’t really work for the rest of the day though. For one thing, she can’t talk yet so there’s no cue for when she has to go. She also can’t walk so there’s no going on her own. But for a one year old, I’m so surprised that she uses it at all.

True, sometimes she leans down and uses it as a walker, sliding the plastic chair along our tile floor with a piercing screech, but otherwise she’s sort of brilliant in the bathroom.


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She’s walking!

Phoebe’s taken her first steps (Sunday, June 13 was the debut). In the space between Paul and I sitting on the floor, she happily toggles forward two, three, sometimes four steps before getting scooped up in one of our outstretched arms. Tickles, squeals and a few self-congratulatory claps follow.

It won’t be long, can’t be long, until she’s roaming entirely on her own. I’m sure the claps will continue.


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Floating flower

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The happiest hour

What a gorgeous place to relax! And we needed it.

Poor Phoebe had come down with a rash, fever and a stubborn top tooth trying to poke through. So Saturday was spent by the pool, the three of us just lounging, laughing and napping.

And after a much busier day of sight-seeing on their own, Lori and Chris stopped to take in the view from the hotel…and a crisp bottle of white.

That is, before they were joined but another hotel guest…

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Swimming in Siena

The sun is officially out!

Gorgeous weather over the weekend meant taking the first dip of the season. And this time, it was a hit.

We went to Siena for a few days with Lori and Chris. Our hotel had beautiful views of Tuscany, fresh flowers and of course a pool.

More in a bit but until then…

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Happy for house guests

It’s been a busy week! First Barbra came from Paris for a long weekend–just long enough to be put to work on a delicious birthday party menu–then Lori and Chris arrived on Monday from Seattle. It’s their first trip to Italy and after spending three busy days in Rome, they’re off to Tuscany now where we’ll join them tomorrow. As Phoebe says, sort of, ciao!

Walking Barb to the bus on her way home

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Phoebe’s first birthday

Happy birthday Phoebe! To celebrate our baby’s first year we had a party in Villa Borghese. Gorgeous weather and help from Barbra, a pastry chef pro, brought the whole thing together including two kinds of cupcakes: sugar-free banana with cream cheese and maple frosting and chocolate cake, chocolate frosting with banana cream filling. Both an ode to banana, Phoebe’s favorite food.

As Barbra said, “I love a two cake party!” Who doesn’t?

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