A pretty place to stay

The agriturismo where we stayed was really great. Right on the beach but they had a pool too. We had our own apartment with two bedrooms and a small kitchenette–which I’m happy to report wasn’t used even once. Instead we had all of our meals at the hotel’s restaurant then bounced between the swings, pool, beach and bed. Even though it’s complicated to get all the little guys lathered up with sunscreen, suits and all the safety equipment, it’s still a fun way to spend a week.

And even though we had a few mealtime meltdowns with our late dinners, starting at 8pm especially “early” for us, the kids all said CIAO to everyone else in the outdoor dining area as we headed off to bed. It reminded me of the party scene in The Sound of Music. Very cute. When we left, we got compliments on the kids’ behavior, especially their willingness to eat new foods. Guess whose heart skipped a beat at that one…


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2 responses to “A pretty place to stay

  1. Idehra

    Hi All, a pretty place to stay and it sure looks like it. So many pictures , what a treat. All of you look like you are having fun besides looking so good! The girls are darling and I’d just like to hug and kiss on them. Baby George (very round) boy is too cute for words. Glad you’re all doing so well and going lots of beautiful places while you’re there.

  2. holly

    sounds fun. looks pretty. thanks for sharing.

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