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It’s a…


We were thrilled to find out yesterday that Phoebe will soon be a big sister, to a little sister. Hopefully there are fun filled days of dress-up ahead. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes because I’m even more delighted to report that all looks well with Little Miss Mathews II, who seems to be as healthy as can be.

Now it feels much more real, as it did with Phoebe at this stage–and February seems a lifetime away. In a sense, I guess it is. Til then, we’ll be getting organized and decorating both girls’ rooms; Phoebe is moving into “the big room” after Christmas. There’s so much space in the current guest room that we’ll make it a nice playroom as well. Plus, she gets to have her own big girl bed. But not for a while. Right now, she’s our baby.


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