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Constantly Broken Strings

To say this song is popular on the Italian radio station is inaccurate. It’s on every day.

All. The. Time.

We’ve basically got an every-other-song rotation going, alternating with Coldplay.

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Not Italian but very popular

Although I don’t believe this song is actually new, I’ve just started hearing it on the Italian radio station…and love it. Maybe I’m into the kicky beat or just digging the good ol’ English. Amy MacDonald: This Is The Life.

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Top Pop Songs

If you come to Italy any time soon, you like me, will have the pleasure of hearing this song many, many, many times. Paul and I call it “The Wheat Song”  and once you see the clip, you’ll understand our clever naming convention. For the record, it’s actually titled Il Mio Pensiero (“My Thought”) and the singer is Ligabue, aka The Italian Bruce Springstein.

Also popular with the Romans: Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy (most played grocery store song, ever) and of course Viva la Vida. This is Europe after all, so Coldplay needs to be on the air all the time. (And just when you thought you couldn’t hear any more CP, a new single has come out. Yay, twice the fun.)

For more Roman rock news, check out Italian MTV’s top 20 countdown. No. 1 is called Alla Mia Eta, which means “At My Age”. Sadly, I don’t understand any of the other lyrics.


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