Lovely gifts from friends and family

Thank you so much to everyone who gave both Estelle and Phoebe such thoughtful gifts. Marcello and Maria for the adorable outfit, The Bells for Oh the Places You’ll Go (with matching onesie!), Molly and Giuseppe for the book, Amy and Dan for Estelle’s new dress and Phoebe’s puzzle, Covers for the super soft blanket and bunny, Mary Jane for the two new Olivia and Madeline books, Paul’s family for countless treats and gifts and for the newest package to arrive, Aunt Trisha and Uncle John for Estelle’s new outfit and rattle plus Phoebe’s apron and this storage bin. If this is what they mean by getting your kids organized, we’re all set.


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  1. holly

    i find i have the chance to get caught up on your blog from the past month or so (couldn’t be outdone by my brother – hehe – broken ankle/broken foot).
    As always, great pictures, cute Phoebe and Estelle and entertaining writing!

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