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A priest came to our house

and blessed it.

When the doorbell rang I was somewhat hesitant because a. it was the middle of the afternoon and I wasn’t expecting anyone, b. Paul was at work, and c. Phoebe was sleeping and you hate to have any loud noises at that point. Honestly, that was probably my biggest concern.

But when I peeked through the door hole and saw a priest standing there, bible in hand, I opened up. There indeed stood a man of the cloth who immediately started greeting me in lots of Italian. I think it was my confused face that made him pause to ask if I do speak Italian. Then he offered, “Francais? English?” I picked the latter and in he came.

A very nice man, he simply explained that he was here to bless our home, as they apparently do every year from his parish. He’d already been to the first four floors of our building and was headed for our neighbor’s place next. He speaks three languages fluently and even though he delivered the blessing flawlessly, apologized profusely for his “terrible English”. If only my Italian were so bad.

Together we picked a passage from the bible to read aloud, then he said a prayer and even sprinkled the incense ball with a flick of the wrist. Even though I’m not Catholic, I really enjoyed the moment with him and wondered if I’d have been so receptive to a stranger offering to bless my home if we were in the States. I’ll have to think about it, but in the meantime I’ll file this one under “Only in Italy”.


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Then there was the (near) abduction

Heading out of the restaurant, we met an Italian couple who were there with their family. The inevitable  result: twenty minutes of cooing, cuddling and extremely difficult-to-understand conversation.

Italians seem to adore children, a cultural aspect we’re enjoying very much. However, this one seemed a little intense…

In the end, we packed her up and headed home. Phoebe. Not the Italian woman.

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Big lunch

Last weekend Dan and Amy organized a great lunch in the country. The ex-pat group made our way out to the restaurant for a sunny afternoon full of food, friends and fun. Wine on the table, kids running around, parents up and down. As Paul said its the kind of thing you associate with Italy and France, in the best way.

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