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Lunch in Nettuno

**Since there is no new baby to report on today, we bring you a recap from last weekend instead…**

When Molly invited us to have lunch at the home of Giuseppe’s childhood nanny, we jumped at the chance. I’d tasted a few things she’s made before and quickly persuaded Paul and Phoebe to hit the road to Nettuno for a gorgeous–and delicious–afternoon.

Just as I’d imagined, we enjoyed a huge lunch full of handmade pasta with fresh seafood, artichokes, bitter greens, baked fish with potato and homemade cookies for dessert. I think I’m still full and it was more than a week ago…

The girls were great at the table but even better when it was time to play. Except for a finger biting incident (Phoebe = biter, Sabina = bitee) it was a delight to watch them.

Afterward we walked along the beach…and realized we’d been there before!  With warm sun on our faces and a cool sea breeze to our backs, there was no better way to end the day. Except maybe with a nap. Phoebe must have agreed because she was asleep in the backseat before we pulled out of the parking space. The true sign of a great day.

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