Sounds of summer

Our summer 2011 soundtrack sounds something like this…

and this…


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4 responses to “Sounds of summer

  1. Anonymous

    Charity I would love to have the first song, can you mom get one and bring it back for me? I will talk to her also….I love following your life in such a beautiful place, with such beautiful children..enjoy every minute with your mom…Peggy

  2. charityc

    Hi Peggy! Thanks so much for your sweet note. I’m sending some ideas to my mom for you to get this song… Hope you guys are doing great!

  3. Jen

    Love the second song! Is the whole album worth downloading, or just that song?

  4. charityc

    Hey, I don’t know about the album. It was hilarious just trying to figure out the song title in the first place… Paul and I were totally doubting our ability to understand even a little Italian (which is not a misplaced worry) when we finally realized that “Shimbalaie” is indeed NOT Italian. This still doesn’t mean we speak Italian very well but I do like this song…so…

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