Shipped from America with love

As part of Paul’s sometimes amazing job at FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization which is a UN agency headquartered here in Rome), we were allowed our first shipping allowance from the States this summer. This meant shopping, shipping and waiting. Shopping, then waiting.  Then just waiting.

We bought most of our stuff ahead of time online. Since it wasn’t clear yet whether our new baby would be a boy or girl, the options were limited there. But we knew one thing for sure: Phoebe needed summer clothes for next year and they were on sale now, so… Away we went, stocking up on shoes (and not a moment too soon because Phoebe was down to one pair of hand-me-d0wns just to get her through), summer clothes and diapers of all things. I have a soft spot for Seventh Generation and those good people at gave us discount on top of discount when we ordered in bulk, which we did, making our new stash about a tenth of the price that we’d normally pay in Rome. Oh, and we got a double stroller. (It’s big, but it’s double. So, it’s staying.)

By the time we got to Florida, it was waiting for us. Most of it anyway. Then we picked up a few more things and Paul’s parents graciously arranged for their delivery when we went back to Italy. Cut to three months later and… Yes, it took three months. Blame our over-shopping which put us in the “ship by boat” category instead of plane, but I prefer to blame the Italian customs department in Milan who kept our things there for weeks. Weeks. By the time we finally received our stuff, we hardly remembered what we’d ever shipped. But then we saw the shoes.

Phoebe went straight for the sparkly Mary Janes. That’s my girl.

Step 1: Get in a box.

Step 2: Get serious about putting on some new shoes.

Step 3: Get help.


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3 responses to “Shipped from America with love

  1. holly

    hehe! I recognize those shoes! Cute. 🙂

  2. Idehra

    There’s a girl after my own heart, way to train her up right re: shoes. NOW…………Charity, I know you are P.G. and take care of “The Husband” and
    Baby Girl One, that you cook healthy meals, go to
    the grocery store, write several articles a week and
    clean house, take Phoebe for walks and entertain her and a multiude of other things BUT this last missive was sent on the 10th It is now the 20th and we are getting desperate for more news and photo’s here in the US of A.
    Love from Auntie Deara & The Fandamily
    Love from Auntie Deara & The Fandamily

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