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Nice for a nap

Thanks so much to Peggy for Phoebe’s handmade blanket.

big yawn

The weather in Rome is perfect for it now–and she loves it!

Snuggled in


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Outfits, ornaments and more! Thank you Aunt Donra and Uncle Dave


swimming suit



more outfits!

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Pretty in pink

Ralph and his family not only sent a beautiful dress for Phoebe, but also the promise of three potential suitors! As he said in his email last week, “We’re going to stay in touch; remember, we have three eligible and age appropriate grandsons!” So the dress may come in very handy.

pink dress

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Sophisticated lady

Allison sent this outfit (and book) saying she’d totally wear it herself. Me too!

Super cute

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New dress and crazy socks: like father, like daughter

Colorful and cuteThank you Cindy! New to Rome (and FAO) from Alaska, Cindy gave this adorable dress and socks to Phoebe. And there’s more of a connection than she realizes.

If you didn’t know this about Paul, now you do. He loves crazy dress socks with suits. Stripes, patterns, the more colorful the better. Subtle but expressive just the same. Always makes me think of flair…

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Best blanket ever

Julie's blanket

My aunt Julie, who lives on John’s Island in Washington, made this blanket for Phoebe. But there’s more to it. Each pattern represents something special. As her letter says:

  • Yellow duckies: just for you, baby girl!
  • Dog paws:  in honor of Carter, your first dog
  • Clouds, stars and the moon: for sweet dreams, and because you are loved more than all the stars in the sky
  • Fairies: in honor of two little fairies that have been protecting children for years, Pat and Maureen, resting on each side of your bed at night to watch over you
  • Hearts: to remember you are loved so much by so many

What a lucky little girl to have such a nice aunt, even miles away.

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Adorable from Amy and Dan

Not only have they supplied us with at least half of our staples–play mat, car seat and more–Dan and Amy brought Phoebe these adorable outfits. Plus, a banana bread that I took care of in three days. And I’m not even “eating for two” anymore. Sad. True. More, please!


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