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Pineapple take two

Here we are again! At sweet week 33, Baby Center once again reports that LTB is the size of a pineapple.

I, however, resemble something much larger.

But that’s okay.

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Hello third trimester

At 30 weeks I can report that all is well with LTB (“little tiny baby”). I had my 8-month appointment today and now know two things: she’s apparently the size of a cabbage and it looks like we’re on track for her arrival on February 1, or close to it.

A new crib has been purchased as well as sheets, long-sleeved onesies and fleece footie jammies so cozy that I might try to snuggle up in them myself. Besides the growing pile of loot for LTB, other things are expanding around here too…

And more to come…


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