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Best meal yet

Rome, like many European cities is full of restaurants. Some delicious, some not. After appealing to our friends Dan and Amy for their top 10 recommendations, Paul and I ventured out to try an authentic Roman meal…and we were not disappointed. Except that we were the only people in the restaurant at 8pm. D’oh!

Restaurant: Osteria der Belli

Piazza San Apollonia 11, Trastevere

Type of food: Sardinian

On our menu:

  • Fresh greens and lovely lemon vinaigrette along with bresaola (cured beef, akin to prosciutto, which is ham)
  • Ravioli al sardo (spinach and cheese ravioli in a creamy tomato sauce)
  • Veal
  • Sauteed green beans


Ambiance: 7 (our fault for arriving too early and having no other diners)

Level of deliciousness: 8.5

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