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Thanks for the birthday presents nonna!

ImageSince Phoebe is expecting a new baby brother any day, we celebrated her third birthday a little early with a few presents — courtesy of mom and Wade all the way in Washington — and a tea party. Books, bracelets, clothes…even tattoos! And best of all, she’s saving her new purple outfit to wear on her birthday this week.


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Walking down Via del Corso

We had a little shopping to do on a recent sunny Saturday, and headed through Piazza del Popolo to one of Rome’s most famous shopping streets: Via del Corso. There are tons of chain stores, making it easy to find most anything you’re looking for. Except us. The two stores we aimed for were closed. One permanently, one for the day. Oh well, at least there was gelato for Phoebe (and certain very pregnant people) plus a nap for Estelle.


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Italian crocodiles

Shortly after Phoebe started going to the new school down the street (where Estelle also spends her mornings), she started singing a little ditty from time to time, absentmindedly as she played with dolls. “Coccodrillo, come fa…” Fast forward to earlier this week when I was looking for something on YouTube and found the video! Now, it’s a SUPER HIT at Via Nizza, 46. As an after-breakfast treat, Phoebe and Estelle curl up to watch it on my phone, repeating as many times as our schedule (and patience) allows before we leave for cappuccini at 8.

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