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Help Around the House: A new project launched

On behalf of CC Mathews, LLC I’m thrilled to report that the task-a-day calendar that I’m working on for HGTV.com launched at the beginning of the month. And even better–it looks great! Here’s a preview of January…and of course there’s a new item every day for the rest of the year. Phew!

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New articles on Babyzone.com: Fighting the flu…and post-baby weight

It’s been a busy month! Below are my newest pieces for Babyzone. Two timely topics for this household….

Celebrity Mom’s Diet Secrets: How They Lost the Baby Weight

Flu Prevention Tips: 12 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy All Year Long

Look for my HGTV.com project next.


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New articles on Babyzone.com…

About the six new articles I have on Babyzone all I can say is this…let’s get shopping because I love each and everything here!

Best and Worst Gifts for Babies

Looking for a baby gift idea? With gift-giving season in full swing, we asked parents and experts for advice on the best baby gifts. Here are their favorite ideas and things to avoid.  More >>

15 Christmas Gifts for Moms-to-be

If you’ve got a mom-to-be on your list, we’ve got great gift ideas right here. Each one was selected for its excellent ratings, eco-friendliness, fresh approach, or for being a tried-and-true favorite of moms everywhere. More >>


100 Christmas Gifts Under $100 for Babies & Toddlers



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Foodlets: an idea, a website, a start

Penne, tomatoes, basil and cheese

I’m trying something new. It’s a dream really. For a few years now I’ve wanted to start a website about food for kids. I’m just getting started with the site and Phoebe is just getting started with real food, so bear with us…and wish us luck.

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New article! 40 Splurges & Saves on Baby Gear

Lately I’ve been working on a lot of articles for Babyzone.com and just this week they’ve published my most recent piece: When to Splurge and When to Save. It turned out to be a really fun article, in part because interviewing other new moms is such a nice way to reach out to like-minded ladies. Especially when the subjects are old friends, thanks Facebook!

Next up I’ll have a 6-article series about Christmas gift ideas for babies, toddlers and moms-to-be. But until then, maybe I’ll re-read the money saving piece. With a new member of the family expected this winter, I may need to take some of this advice to heart!

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A rebel cook

For years I’ve hated the idea of a slow cooker, or worse yet, a “Crock Pot”. Even when I saw legions of fans posting almost religiously on iVillage’s most popular message boards, I just kept thinking of steamy, mushy, un-delicious foods and wondered why anyone would subject themselves to this form of cooking. So snobby right? Yeesh.

But something happened a few months ago, and I think it was O Magazine. (I know, too cool for a Crock Pot but Oprah’s magazine is fine?) I came across an article, ironically written by the former Editor in Chief of House & Garden, the now defunct Conde Nast shelter magazine. I say ironically because of the magazine’s highbrow tone  but also because I have a particular history there. I was once offered a job at House & Garden. Not a good job, but a great salary. I nearly took it, as a chance to escape life in Tennessee, but ultimately stuck with HGTV when they finally agreed to let me move back to New York. Anyway, it didn’t end well with House & Garden. It ended terribly. And I still feel bad about it.

When I saw Dominique’s article about slow cooking of all things, I was intrigued. After the magazine folded, she’d actually gotten two cookers, each a gift, and started to transform herself into a bit of an aficionado. (She’s also written a book about this time in her life, cutely called Slow Love). So it seems that slow cooking is actually cool now. Maybe not among foodies, but I dare say…it’s the new knitting. And I’m in.

The problem is, Italy.

Italians don’t do slow cookers. There aren’t any to buy and believe me I’ve tried. Every time I’ve gone to a home appliance store of any kind I always seek out the gizmo section, the one with microwaves, mixers and in Italy, a million kinds of deep fryers. Only once have I seen an actual slow cooker for sale. On an email tip from a friend of a friend, I went down into the historical center to a specialty cooking store. And there it was, nestled among several types of steamers, the only slow cooker in Italy. It was 145 euros. That’s about $200+.  Too much for a tool that I had so much disdain for, so recently. For an experimental piece of equipment, something in the 50 euro range is more appropriate. Oh well.

So, time went by until Paul went on a trip to the UK this past weekend. Off to celebrate a buddy’s upcoming wedding–you know, a Stag Do–he was in Manchester for a few days. Just long enough to hit the pubs, have a curry and run into *Marks & Sparks to pick up a slow cooker!  It’s on my table right now and I’m totally thrilled. But I can’t decide which part tickles me most: the idea of him slinking off to a huge department store in the middle of the bachelor party (to buy the least sexy appliance of all time) or trying to cram it into the overhead bin of the discount airline airplane.

To celebrate our first meal (and possibly appease the Karma gods), I’ll try Dominique’s delicious sounding recipe. I’m substituting chicken for lamb though. That’s an idea that I just haven’t converted to yet. Maybe someday another former colleague/boss/amazing woman of publishing, say Martha, will write a book about lamb and I’ll see it in a new light.

But I doubt it.

In the meantime, here’s to our own version of slow love, Italian style.

* And special thanks again, to the lovely friends (and mom) who gave us this gift certificate way back during the “Lunchorette” party before our wedding. We’re using it, one slow cooker at a time!

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In napping news…

Woo woo! I’ve got two new articles on BabyZone.com:

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Combining work with pleasure

For my new life outside the boardroom, Paul helped me start a business called CC Mathews, LLC. It’s a media consultancy specializing in editorial web strategies. Translation: I help big (and sometimes small) media companies figure out what to put on their websites. This is what I did at Martha Stewart Omnimedia, HGTV and iVillage only now I don’t have to trot into the office every day. I get to clickity click my ideas and advice from the comfort of our home office.

As a new consultant, two of my favorite sites to work on have been A Way to Garden and The Sister Project, both founded and run by my former boss at Martha. And when not dispensing advice, I also write articles as a journalist. My newest piece was for BabyZone.com and just came out today: 10+ Surprising Pregnancy and Baby Care Customs from Around the World.

There’s more where that came from but since Baby is due this weekend I’m winding down for the summer. Starting in September, we’ll be back in business! At that point I’ll also be developing a series of small websites, blogs and (hopefully) books on my own. Stay tuned.

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Superbucks shutting down

Every once in a while, okay almost every day, I read The New York Times online plus Gawker.com, a devilishly snarky blog about the media world in New York. Today, a snippet about what we’re missing while away in Rome…

Starbucks Releases Its Death Grip

For as long as mankind has occupied New York, there have been two Starbucks locations on Astor Place, a block away from each other, which occasioned many predictable remarks. No more! This means everything.

The thing is that both of these Starbucks were always [f—ing] packed. Packed with the same people who would always be like “Starbucks right next to another Starbucks, WTF, they’re taking over, corporate [bulls–t], etc.” People like us! But those [f—ing] Starbucks just kept on making money, money, money.

Full post >>

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