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Gifts from FAO

Wow! Paul came home from work with two shopping bags bulging with gifts for the girls. One in particular was thrilled…

The hat came first.

Then it came time to get serious about unwrapping…

And delighted!

Thank you so much for such generous and thoughtful gifts!




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A toddler with table manners

Really! At least on Saturday. For this one particular meal…

So, on Saturday we decided on a whim to go out for a pizza lunch. Around the corner we went, including a very excited Phoebe and a very sleepy Estelle–both quite good conditions for restaurant dining.

To our surprise (and delight) Phoebe sat right down in the high chair and immediately put her napkin in her lap with no prompting at all.

When the waiter brought the menus, all we heard was a squeal, “Books!” Followed by one of her newest and most used phrases, “I read, I read.”

And bread while we waited for the pizza.

It was such a successful (and delicious) outing that a shoulder ride home seemed like the perfect way to celebrate.

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Phoebe’s newest phrases

“Mama holding baby”, this comes up often

“Thank you Shiyama”, our nanny & housekeeper (bless her soul), this is an important one

“Dark hair”, always pointing to Estelle’s little head

“I take shower”, stripping off her clothing while simultaneously commandeering the shower that Paul or I were planning to take

“I like pickles”, said aloud when we get to the part in The Very Hungry Caterpillar where the hero of the story takes a bite out of many, many things…including a pickle

“Sittin’ on a book”, mimicking Paul’s playful tone when he pointed out that she was sitting on a Martha Stewart cookbook-turned-booster-seat (the thickest one in the house)

“Fall down”, self explanatory

Other important notes for Phoebe at age 20 months…

  • getting her canine teeth; good for eating, bad for her mood
  • has no interest in her kitchen high chair anymore (see above)
  • has no interest in sleeping in her crib anymore (usually sleeping instead on the single bed in her room…until she falls asleep and we move her to the crib for safe keeping)
  • sings several songs, including hand movements/dance steps: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom…Stop In the Name Of Love…Itsy, Bitsy Spider…Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • is officially a big sister, dying to hold the baby


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Double stroller debut

It’s big and blue…and holds two! We bought the new stroller (UPPAbaby Vista) way back in the summer, as part of our shipment from the US. Our first stroller (Bugaboo) has served us very well but sadly you just can’t set little E anywhere in it, that is if Phoebe is already taking up the seat.

So we searched and searched for a model like it, but a little bigger. Ta da! Big Blue is working out well–Phoebe loves it and actually cried yesterday when it was time to get out, but then again she cries a lot–with one caveat: it doesn’t fit in the elevator. Our landlords came to the rescue though, offering a key to the porter’s office in our building’s lobby. So we zip up and down in the elevator a piede then gear up downstairs to go out. So far, so good…


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Sweet baby Elle


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Playing with the train


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Estelle, meet your new friend, the pacifier


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Push presents from Prada

Cannot possibly say more, except maybe…yay!

Everybody got something: Phoebe (blue key chain), Paul (cuff links), myself (bag) and even baby Estelle (pink key chain).

One more time, yay!

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Tea party time

To Phoebe’s delight, Charlene has hosted a tea party every day during their visit. Each party includes…

Special seating

A special tray full of supplies

A special tablecloth and napkins

Special dishes

Special snacks (goldfish, dried fruit, bunny graham crackers and more…)

Special spoons

Special cups

And all good to the last drop…


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First bath for Baby Estelle

Taking advantage of our professional grandma in residence, Paul’s mom gives Estelle a nice shampoo and sponge bath. Unfortunately it seems that Estelle would not describe it as “nice”, since she cried for most of the experience but since she doesn’t speak yet, we’ll just say it wasn’t that bad.


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