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Phoebe’s new gig

If only we were still in New York…

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Superbucks shutting down

Every once in a while, okay almost every day, I read The New York Times online plus Gawker.com, a devilishly snarky blog about the media world in New York. Today, a snippet about what we’re missing while away in Rome…

Starbucks Releases Its Death Grip

For as long as mankind has occupied New York, there have been two Starbucks locations on Astor Place, a block away from each other, which occasioned many predictable remarks. No more! This means everything.

The thing is that both of these Starbucks were always [f—ing] packed. Packed with the same people who would always be like “Starbucks right next to another Starbucks, WTF, they’re taking over, corporate [bulls–t], etc.” People like us! But those [f—ing] Starbucks just kept on making money, money, money.

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