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Celebrating spring in the south


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Quality time with grandparents in Raleigh

While Paul and I were touring historic houses and farmettes, Phoebe and Estelle spent time with “Ginga and Papa”. Crafts, tea parties and bubbles ensued…

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Househunting in North Carolina

Meanwhile Paul and I were trying to figure out what life is like in North Carolina. Here’s what we found. Natives love the fact that you can get to either mountains or the beach, either one in 3 hours max. The Research Triangle of Raleigh-Durham seems to be teeming with interesting, educated people from all over, all finding good jobs with award-winning companies right here. The local YMCA seems to be teeming with vibrant families seeking everything from mini swimming lessons to “Mommy’s Morning Out” nursery school programs. I’ve never been to a Y before but apparently that will change if and when we arrive in NC!

In both Charlotte and Raleigh there were many, many strip malls and shopping centers plus more housing developments than one could ever count. Neither are our style but lucky for us, there were also charming downtown areas, historic houses, bungalows and more than a few “farmettes”, a term one realtor used to describe my dream of a nice house on 5 or 10 acres full of rolling hills, chickens, dogs and maybe a miniature goat or two. Plus, they’re located withing a reasonable commuting distance from Research Triangle Park, a likely location for Paul’s next job. So, we’ll see! (Also, we test drove the car I’ve had my eye on. The Mazda CX-9, a 7-seater crossover with such great reviews that I nearly bought one the moment I finally laid eyes on it. I didn’t. But I will!)

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