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Operating Instructions

It’s one of the cutest books, ever.

I kept hearing about Anne Lamott. First from Cori, then Molly, then O magazine (despite the fact that I have mentioned it twice in one week, I am not really that into this magazine. Really. Really? Anyway…)

So I ordered a copy of Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith this winter. Amazon.com sent it to Paul’s parents’ during our trip to the US but I didn’t read it until about a month ago. Then I was hooked.

Molly offered to let me borrow Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year and I was done for. Here’s why:

His key chain is made of five big plastic keys on a cord with a heart-shaped key ring. I hold up each color key for him to study, and I always say the exact same thing: “The blue one is the key to the sky, the green one is the key to the lawn, the yellow one is the key to the mustard, the red one is the key to the car and the pink one is the key to my heart.”

A former drug addict and alcoholic, single mother and amazing writer. She’s got such a funny, poignant story to tell, and I hope she has more.

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