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Lunch in Nettuno

**Since there is no new baby to report on today, we bring you a recap from last weekend instead…**

When Molly invited us to have lunch at the home of Giuseppe’s childhood nanny, we jumped at the chance. I’d tasted a few things she’s made before and quickly persuaded Paul and Phoebe to hit the road to Nettuno for a gorgeous–and delicious–afternoon.

Just as I’d imagined, we enjoyed a huge lunch full of handmade pasta with fresh seafood, artichokes, bitter greens, baked fish with potato and homemade cookies for dessert. I think I’m still full and it was more than a week ago…

The girls were great at the table but even better when it was time to play. Except for a finger biting incident (Phoebe = biter, Sabina = bitee) it was a delight to watch them.

Afterward we walked along the beach…and realized we’d been there before!  With warm sun on our faces and a cool sea breeze to our backs, there was no better way to end the day. Except maybe with a nap. Phoebe must have agreed because she was asleep in the backseat before we pulled out of the parking space. The true sign of a great day.

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Cooking with a crew

During Jill and Drew’s visit over Christmas, we took a cooking class along with friends Molly and Giuseppe. Paul was originally planning to join but due to a broken ankle (more on this later) he had to sit it out, literally. But that just meant more chocolate cake for me, er, the rest of us.

And don’t worry about Paul on this night; Shiyama our lovely housekeeper and nanny brought him dinner on a tray. A tray! Meanwhile, the rest of us were paying money to cook our own dinner…

It was actually really fun–and tasty.

Pasta with Roman style artichokes were first.

Plus a baked pumpkin dish and Roman chicken–one of my favorite ways to eat chicken prepared with peppers.

And cake. The funniest part about the cake was this: it’s the only time I’ve had a chocolate torte in Italy that was actually moist (aka delicious) but the instructor kept saying how it would be much better the following day when it had time to air out.

Oh well, Valeria really knew her stuff and I’d recommend her to anyone. In fact, here goes:

La mia Cucina di Casa

Via Germanico 197, 00192 Roma

+39 063216620 +39 063216620


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Christmas 2010, a belated recap involving a mini kitchen

It was a very cute Christmas. This year Phoebe really got into the spirit of things–meaning she knows how to open presents now. Plus our friends Jill and Drew came to Rome from Boston and Barbra joined from Paris. We started Christmas the same way everyone with kids does — drinking coffee and opening stockings.

But the sweetest part was Phoebe’s reaction when she saw the little kitchen next to the tree, “Ooooh!”

Grandma and Grandpa Mathews also sent her a grocery cart full of food and kitchen supplies, so she’s quite well stocked. This is a good thing because she spent nearly every waking minute of the next two days cooking up a storm. There was broccoli, lemon and potato stew and more tea than anyone (or any group) could ever drink. It’s really the best imaginary food you’ll ever have.

Thanks so much to Mom and Wade for sending so many goodies too (the puppets and pink books were an especially big hit!) Barbra, the hat is hilariously chic and the penguin beloved. Jill and Drew, your adorable pink water bottle is used each and every day.

After opening all of the great gifts from everyone everywhere (thank you Bob and Charlene for the flag and monogrammed pillow cases!) we had a big breakfast…then a big walk.

Can’t wait to do it again next year…with one more stocking on the mantel.

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A picnic in the park

We’d been meaning to pack up dinner and head to the park for weeks. On this sunny weeknight, we finally did it. And Molly joined us with little Sabina.

Dinner was delicious with lemon chicken and peanut dipping sauce plus Molly’s rice salad and good ol’ chocolate chip bar cookies.  The girls played together, sort of.

Separately, Phoebe does her impression of Cindy Lou Who. Quite good I think.


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The great lake

If it’s summertime in Rome, we must be at Lago di Martignano.

It’s a favorite for our group of friends and on this particular weekend in July we spent the day with Dan, Amy, Zoe and Max.

We always have a nice lunch at the restaurant. After that, only nap time (or dinner time) could persuade us to part with the cool water for home.

Alas, it happens every time. Oh well, there will be more sunny Saturdays, this is one thing you can count on in Rome.

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A day in Sabina

On a sunny weekend in July we were invited to lunch at our friends Molly and Giuseppe’s gorgeous villa outside of Rome.

Delicious food – pasta with fresh basil, tomatoes and home made olive oil — and fun with friends followed.

What better way to spend a day?

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A patriot

The fourth of July was a hot one! Grilled chicken on Dan and Amy’s terrace made the day.


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Happy for house guests

It’s been a busy week! First Barbra came from Paris for a long weekend–just long enough to be put to work on a delicious birthday party menu–then Lori and Chris arrived on Monday from Seattle. It’s their first trip to Italy and after spending three busy days in Rome, they’re off to Tuscany now where we’ll join them tomorrow. As Phoebe says, sort of, ciao!

Walking Barb to the bus on her way home

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Raphael’s party

Now Raphael is one and we celebrated last weekend!

This means Phoebe is next.

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Kate Olivia’s birthday party

It’s already that time.

Last spring, five adventurous, English-speaking couples joined together for a prenatal class about natural childbirth in Rome. The experience was so comical on so many levels that I can hardly do it justice but sufficed to say, the best thing about the class was meeting the four other couples–now four other families–who we are thrilled to still be friends with.

This weekend Kate Olivia had her birthday party (you can just see her cute little face peeking into the camera on the right side), the first of the group, and Phoebe was there to help celebrate.

Kate couldn’t have had better timing for a party. After two days of total downpours, the sun finally came out in Rome.

And we brought a little present.

A pink rattle plus a gift certificate for Kiva.org, an amazing organization that grants micro-loans to entrepreneurs (mostly) in developing countries.  When your loan is repaid, you are notified by email and can either re-loan the funds or of course, take your cash.  This year Kate’s parents will help decide the recipient, no classes necessary.

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