Working for a Living

Suit #1

Suit #1

Suit #2

Suit #2

(As mentioned in the email…but now with photos!) Paul started his job at FAO which is part of the UN, it’s the Food and Agriculture Organization. He’ll actually be working with several friends and former colleagues, most of whom he met in the UK when they were all with Ernst and Young. Ironically, all Americans. Now they’re working on a project to convert the UN’s accounting system from one to another. It sounds like a lot of work but I’m told that the hours are much more civilized than those in NYC. We’re both hoping to see a lot of Rome, Italy and as much of Europe as possible while we’re here. When not soaking up the scenery I’m working on some consulting projects as well as a few creative irons in the fire. Looking forward to life outside of the conference room!


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  1. Hi Rome Reporter,

    I just recently applied for a job at the FAO/UN (yesterday to be exact) and am trying to conduct research on what else I can do to get my foot in the door. There is an amazing vacancy for a business analyst and I have all the qualifications.

    I’m a former PwCer (hope that doesn’t create animosity with any former E&Yers) looking for tips on how to get my application in.

    Any tips would be highly appreciated. Actually, I’d also like to know – how’s the job going? Is Paul enjoying his work/FAO?

    Hope to hear from you!

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