Also on this trip…

George started smiling.

And if this chair looks familiar, that’s because it is!


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9 responses to “Also on this trip…

  1. Jennifer

    Finally – Paul has one that looks like him!

  2. charityc

    Ha ha. Sort of! Though I just posted a link to Phoebe in the same chair at that age and thanks to the freakishly strong Curley genes, any resemblance to Paul may be on its way out… Actually, I think Estelle has Paul’s eyes though!

  3. I think George looks just like his Dad!

  4. charityc

    Good! Okay it’s official then. And Cindy, I have been totally under water, though it’s no excuse…THANK YOU for the adorable outfit. So perfect for this little guy who will be wearing it in no time, long before he hits 6 months. We love it and will post a photo of him wearing it soon. Thanks again!

  5. Oh my gosh, so cute! It *almost* makes me want another baby. Almost. 😉 Seriously, I’m in awe of you having 3 and actually blogging. You go.

  6. Peggy Brien

    what a cute smile , and he really has a lot to smile about…look at the cute sisters he gets to look at everyday….

  7. Idehra

    Oh good, it’s not so little George. What a darling little fella and couldn’t get any happier or cuter.

  8. Auntie M

    he’s cute! And Big! too fun! Much love!

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