Staying on the beach

Thinking that at least Phoebe is getting old enough to appreciate it, we drove to Castello Aragonese on the way to our next hotel in Reggio Calabria. I’d say she was underwhelmed but that could be because she had to wait half an hour to go see it, while I fed George. Nursing in the car: not glamorous but at least it’s semi-private. Anyway, it was pretty neat when we climbed up.

Then we had lunch. And I had to laugh when Paul leaned over and said, “I really thought we were just going to make a quick stop to take a few pictures. Now it’s been a few hours.” Like I said, this was our first trip as a family of five. I have a feeling there will be few “quick stops” in our future from here on out.

Our second night on the road was less fancy than the cave but much more sandy. Our hotel was right on the beach, which actually reminded me a lot of Nice, where we stayed last summer, because lots of tiny pebbles lined the shores. There weren’t many people there but the nightlife was totally on! Even the restaurant of our decidedly family-friendly, budget-minded hotel had bass-thumping music playing by dinner time. The hotel next door had a band! Luckily, amazingly, we heard none of it from our room at night. We did hear wind though. This room had two adjoining bedrooms…but only one AC unit. George and I were in the AC, Phoebe and Estelle shacked up in the other room and poor Paul, as is his usual custom these days, got a few winks in both places.

Just to back up…there was another late dinner, the second of many to come, and eventually we ended up at the hotel restaurant. With extra babies. At least Paul and I didn’t have to take care of this one.



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2 responses to “Staying on the beach

  1. Idehra

    Just look at you guys, don’t know who to look at first. You all look just wonderful and what a beautiful place. What’s not to like?
    Auntie Idehra

  2. holly

    Like the matching expressions on Estelle and Paul! 😉

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