It was cold for a while

Now it isn’t.

The first cold snap of the season hit a couple of weeks ago. A refreshing change after our first sticky summer but a small problem in regards to timing. The heat in our buildings, like those in New York City, is regulated centrally. This means, the powers that be are only obligated to turn on the expensive oil heat as the local laws dictate. In our case, our landlord explained, it’s mid-November.

But don’t worry. We have heaters, hats…and the Sirocco winds.

favorite hat

Our newer, warmer, windier weather is attributed to the Siroccos, “a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara” says Wikipedia–and Paul’s Italian teacher. In fact, the hot sun had returned with such a force that T-shirts were back in, for a while.

Now we’re enjoying more common fall weather. A little rain, a little wind, a sweater will do. Perfect for November.

Especially since they turned on our heat early this year. Yesterday.


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