Happy Halloween!



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3 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Idehra

    Hello to all of you—-love the “pumpkin baby” picture. She brings a big smile to everyone who see’s her picture! Love it. June and I would like to know more about Phoebe birth wt, 1st smile etc.- that would really tickle us. Plus, we could show her to her cousins, Aunt and Uncles and Mike and Julie. As you know, M&J live on John’s Island and don’t recieve tower signals. Tim and Matt both had “on the job ” accidents but are recovering. Whew! June and her husband(Mike) bought an antique apple press and it makes the sweetest juice. We all thought they put sugar in it.
    Ben and Mary came to Tim’s 44th birthday on the first. They are doing well and are so interesting. I talked to Mary last nite because yesterday was the first birth she got to observe as part of the R.N. training. They have alot of irons in the fire…good for them. Ben is writing another childrens book and the band just cut a C.D. Wow! Tim celebrated his 3rd year in recovery. We’re so proud of him.Love to each of you. Aunt Idehra

  2. Mom, Judy

    I have never seen such a cute pumpkin!

  3. Holly

    Great hat! Great smile!

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