It’s a…


We were thrilled to find out yesterday that Phoebe will soon be a big sister, to a little sister. Hopefully there are fun filled days of dress-up ahead. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes because I’m even more delighted to report that all looks well with Little Miss Mathews II, who seems to be as healthy as can be.

Now it feels much more real, as it did with Phoebe at this stage–and February seems a lifetime away. In a sense, I guess it is. Til then, we’ll be getting organized and decorating both girls’ rooms; Phoebe is moving into “the big room” after Christmas. There’s so much space in the current guest room that we’ll make it a nice playroom as well. Plus, she gets to have her own big girl bed. But not for a while. Right now, she’s our baby.


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11 responses to “It’s a…

  1. Bob Mathews

    Happy for you guys. Good to hear all is well and baby to be is in good health. We love all 4 of you and will continue to pray for all.
    Love you Dad M

  2. Cousin June

    Ahhhh another baby gurl……how sweet…happy for you all…. june and family

  3. Marie

    Congrats! Now Lex has 2 bambini to fall in love with. πŸ˜‰

  4. Idehra

    Oh boy-I mean girl…Another sweet baby girl to love and hug. Kisses and well wishes to all.

    Auntie Deara

  5. Auntie Heather

    Great! 2 girls equals twice the fun!!! Very happy for you all.

  6. Congratulations πŸ™‚

  7. Congratulations!
    Having two of the same certainly makes it easy to share clothes πŸ™‚

    I can’t help but wonder…..are you participating in the water aerobics this time around? That has got to be my all time favorite post of yours!

  8. charityc

    Ha, thanks! As far as aquagym goes so far, I’ve only gone a little bit. As I get huge, bigger and bigger, it’s really nice to hop in that very forgiving water. Weightlessness is a dream for sure. For now I’m doing a bunch of walking but soon the pool — and the bathing suit — will see more of me. Hope you’re well!

  9. Karissa

    Mrs Charity,
    How are you? I am so excited for you …..(on Baby #2) Will your hubby feel out numbered?, maybe that means you will have to go for #3 !(ha ha) How long are you in Rome for? I would love to see you if you ever get over to the NW, we are hoping to get to New York in the next year or so?….. Catch me up with your Italian lives & little Sophie (sp?).
    Blessing & prayers on your new pregnancy. Miss you Bunches, Karissa

  10. Karissa

    So Sorry I Meant Phoebe!! I know someone that has a Sophie. Karissa

  11. charityc

    Hi Karissa! So great to hear from you. Paul will totally be even more outnumbered soon. Wish him luck!

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