Super sisters back at it

Part of George’s job in life is to provide joy to his sisters, by way of letting them hold him.

And sleeping.

And holding.

But juggling all three is sometimes a challenge. That’s why we’ve invested in some totally desperate new games and activities for the big sisters to enjoy during those rare moments when they’re not snuggling with the little guy.

Our first visitor also got in on this action. Cathy, who is our pastor’s wife at Rome Baptist Church, came over during George’s first week and brought gifts, including this bead project for Phoebe which she amazingly got together (with help from both Paul and I) without any of the other kids ingesting any. At least I think so.

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One response to “Super sisters back at it

  1. Idehra

    Boy you guys are on top of it, the angel bead suncatcher is so durn cute. Not as cute as all the darling little kids. They could be in the movies, on TV or in books cuz they couldn’t be any cuter. Didn’t realize Paul is having a birthday-so have a wonderful day! What a wonderful family you and Charity have brought into the world. Great job!
    Love, Auntie Dearah

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