George’s first excursion

At day 10 George made his way to the local bar for a cappuccino, part of our family’s long-time morning routine. To be clear, no cappuccino for George. Not directly anyway…but he still enjoyed his outing. And the other Romans certainly were excited to see him. Every time I take him out, he’s mobbed by Italians asking how old he is, am I breast feeding and above all, is he a boy?!? It’s extremely important to the Italians that we have an heir. Even though we’re not exactly royals.

Also, the blue ribbons are a really sweet tradition. When you have a baby, you put one on the outside of your building. (We also put one on our apartment door.) This is how excited Italians get about babies. Even strangers’ babies.



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2 responses to “George’s first excursion

  1. Cousin June

    Sweet…..These are exciting times….. Can’t wait to see all of you!!

  2. Idehra

    Good job on the pictures Paul. So nice to get to see Charity. Little Baby George is just a cute little chunk of baby boy, isn’t he? Hugs to all. I’m looking for the perfect charm for your bracelet, glad you like it.
    Auntie Idehra

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