Welcome George Mathews!

We’re thrilled to say, he’s here! We welcomed Sweet Baby George last week at Clinica Villa Margherita in Rome. Doctor Grimaldi, who also delivered Phoebe and Estelle, was on hand again but the most helpful and supportive person on this mission by far was Paul. I’m so lucky to have this one!

Here’s the story: Labor started around 1am the night before but I wanted to be sure before I woke up Paul; when the contractions were getting regular, around 3am, I gave him the news. By 4am it is was calls and texts to Dr. Grimaldi and our babysitter Loida, who came over at 5am, bless her heart. The girls woke up around 6am as usual and with Paul and Loida’s help, got ready for school. Just another day… And off they went.

Paul packed up the car and we headed for the clinic at 8:30am. By now, the contractions were getting very strong and I was anxious to get settled. Escorted to a private room, with a lovely little terrace overlooking a magnolia tree, the setting was very sweet. The birth however was very hard! This little boy turned out to be quite a biggie, almost two pounds larger than Estelle, who despite her emergency at-home birth, was a pretty easy delivery. Certainly in comparison. But eventually everything worked out. I sat on our big exercise ball, Paul pushed on my back with each contraction. But here’s the truth, neither one was an epidural. I kept thinking, why on earth do I keep doing this to myself?! and promising, “If we do this again, I’ll get an epidural.” But we’re not. Really, we’re not! And in the end, our big baby is a delight. Sleeping peacefully in his seat right next to me as I type, I’m just so thankful that our family is complete. Happy, healthy and together forever from here on out. Welcome George!


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2 responses to “Welcome George Mathews!

  1. Anonymous

    oh charity……….i’m so happy for all of you………wow what a big baby……..whew……….he’s adorable……….good job paul!!!!

  2. Idehra

    Cheers to everyone-what a wonderful reward for such hard work! He looks like a little(?) doll. Love the pictures. Hugs. Auntie Deara

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