Walking down Via del Corso

We had a little shopping to do on a recent sunny Saturday, and headed through Piazza del Popolo to one of Rome’s most famous shopping streets: Via del Corso. There are tons of chain stores, making it easy to find most anything you’re looking for. Except us. The two stores we aimed for were closed. One permanently, one for the day. Oh well, at least there was gelato for Phoebe (and certain very pregnant people) plus a nap for Estelle.



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6 responses to “Walking down Via del Corso

  1. Holly

    Wonderful pictures. Phoebe’s expressions are so adorable!

  2. Idehra

    How nice to see all your dear little faces and not so little baby bump. Cute!

  3. Cousin June

    What’s my favorite PREGNANTS flavor of gelato?

  4. Anonymous

    I just noticed that Pheeb’s babydoll is missing her SCARF!! what’s up with that momma?

  5. charityc

    June, it’s chocolate for sure. In fact, I’m usually only interested in dessert if it involves chocolate. Phoebe seems to feel the same…

  6. Anonymous

    have to agree……..chocolate is mighty good

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