Off to see a plantation

Then there was trouble. Everyone got sick. Except my mom and Paul’s dad. But after a couple of days of R&R we were back at it. Paul, Phoebe, Estelle my mom and me all piled into our rented SUV to see a historic plantation. With a big house, a separate kitchen (lest a fire burn the whole house down), a well house where old timers tried to keep dried and fresh foods slightly cooler, slave quarters, live farm animals still on hand and actors dressed in period clothing to show us the ropes, it was really a neat experience. But I’m still glad that our future farm will have a few more creature comforts. At least I hope so.

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4 responses to “Off to see a plantation

  1. cousin June

    beautiful………sounds like fun……did you ever read Amy Chua’s Tiger Mother?
    i found it inspirational….lol

  2. charityc

    Not yet, but English books are hard to come by here! I’ll check it out when I have the chance in the US. Hope you guys are well!

  3. cousin June

    Yes we are well….my kids are all getting older now……soon to be starting families of their own….i can wait…thought you got all your books from Amazon UK? houses look big in N.C.. Your aunt (my mom) and her mom and I and perhaps Missa want to come visit your family when you get to N.C…..are you wanting to get the fainting goat? the kids would get a kick out of that..hahaha

  4. charityc

    I do get books from Amazon UK but they’re not free! (Everything costs more when it’s imported.) These big houses don’t pay for themselves… Ha! Visitors welcome any time and YES, fainting goats are in our future!

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