To North Carolina and back – Day one

We were off to North Carolina, to find out if this was the right place for us to move when we’re done in Rome this fall. (And we think it is!) This meant a week in Charlotte and two to tackle the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill areas. House hunting, exploring, eating, shopping and enjoying…that was the mission.

When it came to getting there, Phoebe was right about one thing. She kept saying, “It takes a long time to get to North Carolina, five days an a half.” And it did feel that way at times! But long as it was (about 20 hours) the trip actually went smoothly, especially for two kids under three plus a pregnant lady along for the ride. (Everyone groaned when they saw us coming onto the plane but the little guys did great! Hardly a tear, whine or problem along the way. I’d like to thank Cheerios and the other thousand crackery snacks we brought along…and continue to find in every nook and cranny of every purse, bag and pocket, days later.) For this journey, we took a van from the apartment, a plane to Philadelphia, another to Charlotte and ended up at a hotel where Paul’s parents were already checked in (they drove up from Florida to join the recon mission and pitch in with babysitting). Here we go!



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2 responses to “To North Carolina and back – Day one

  1. Holly

    Great to hear about your trip to NC. I look forward to hearing more!

  2. Idehra

    Wow, you guys are brave! Love the pictures and glad everyone is safe and sound. What good little kids.
    Auntie Idehra

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