Estelle’s first birthday party at school

Estelle and Phoebe go to a “nido”, a nursery school, down the street from us where the twins of my OBGYN also attend. It’s very cute, full of kiddos from 6 months to 3 years. They do activities, music classes and have a cook who makes fresh breakfast, snacks and lunch every day. Everything is in Italian and these two are the only Americans, which is alternately cute and tricky (especially when the poor teachers are trying to explain special supplies I’m supposed to buy for class projects…) Everyone is loving and kind, taking good care of our girls every morning while Paul and I work. They also throw a little party for you when you turn one…



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6 responses to “Estelle’s first birthday party at school

  1. Peggy Brien

    Your children are beautiful….happy Birthday Estelle….a little late.

  2. Lori Kirsten

    Adorable, Charity. Doesn’t get any sweeter. Happy Birthday, Little E.

  3. Oh my goodness, these girls are so beautiful, I see alot of you in them…Birthday wishes….Karissa

  4. charityc

    Ah, thanks guys! I think that E looks a little more like Paul than Phoebe does, which is sweet. And this is funny — both little boys in E’s class are named Matteo; she’s got one sitting on either side of her in the birthday photo above. Love it. (And that’s her favorite teacher, Marta, making fish faces at her too.)

  5. Idehra

    Lots of hugs to the cutest little girls in Italy.

  6. holly

    cute! great pics!

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