New Italian ID cards

Even though we’re not citizens, not even the girls who were born here, we all have to get new Italian ID cards. Like a passport, this requires a photo and not just any photo. Eyes have to be open, no hands, feet, arms or other body parts can make an appearance, neutral expressions are mandatory, no shadows; the background must be white and strangely, the photo must be in digital format so it’s not possible to just go to one of the millions of photo booths scattered around town and hand over the automatically sized prints. This year, as usual, it took a couple of sessions to capture everyone’s essence. Or at least their mug. Here’s what I’m talking about…


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2 responses to “New Italian ID cards

  1. Anonymous

    Like Family mug shots! I love it!~Auntie M

  2. Auntie Deara

    Thanks, love the pics! Charity, I had to look twice at your picture cuz you are a clone of your Mom. Phoebe looks just like you when you were a baby. Baby Estelle-well it’s too soon to tell but what a cutie. Have a happy Thanksgiving and I’m sending all of you lots of hugs. Love, Auntie Deara

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