And (new) baby makes three!

Yes, we’re doing it one more time! With hope and prayers we’ll welcome our third baby into the family Mathews in June. At week 12, all looks great for New Baby so far and big sister Phoebe is thrilled. She hands me diapers every day, carefully explaining that “these are for the new baby, Mommy”. She also keeps trying to show the baby (aka my stomach) to people, which is cute but not ideal for obvious reasons. Estelle has been tight lipped about her feelings though, for obvious reasons.

But best of all, we’ve had a great time asking Phoebe to predict the sex. Okay, I have, but here’s how it goes:

Charity: Do you think the new baby will be a girl or a boy?

Phoebe: Boy

Charity: Will the new baby be your sister or your brother?

Phoebe: Sister

Charity: Are you a girl or a boy?

Phoebe: Boy

So, Chinese Gender Chart, don’t worry. You’ve still got a job to do.

Wish us luck!


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6 responses to “And (new) baby makes three!

  1. Holly

    Congrats! 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Congratulations! What a perfect gift to yourselves!

  3. you are one brave woman…with soon-to-be three very lucky bambinos (or will it be bambinas? — maybe we can ask phoebe to clarify).

  4. Peggy

    Congrats to you ! your mom will have plenty of grandbabies to love..Hope for a boy:)

  5. Auntie Deara

    Yea! The Matthews Family is growing and happy and healthy. Love the “Phoebe-sters” take on the matter. Hugs and love.
    Auntie Deara

  6. Heather

    May he or she be healthy and the pregnancy smooth. Congrats

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