A big day with a little horse

Phoebe got to ride her first horse this fall, a couple of weeks ago. Amy and Dan suggested a pumpkin patch plus country lunch and as usual no one had to ask us twice! What did take some convincing though, was that Phoebe would be able to ride. I’d heard about the miniature ponies at the restaurant (set on a tiny farm outside of Rome with chickens, bunnies, and the two tiny horses) so I asked Phoebe if she’d like to ride when we got there? She’s only seen horses in the park and they’re always full grown police horses, so naturally her response was less than enthusiastic,” No Mommy, I’m not big enough.” Just wait…a Phoebe-sized steed awaits.

But first pumpkins.

And ruins.

Then lunch. Playtime. And finally ponies.


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4 responses to “A big day with a little horse

  1. Cousin June

    Looks like fun!! The girls are getting big….We miss you all…

  2. Cousin June

    OH i forgot…that chicken costume is to DIE for….that is the cutest costume I’ve ever seen!!! How did you know Paul’s mom could make it?

  3. Auntie Deara

    That Phoebe must be “a horse whisperer” look how she’s talking to that pony. So nice to see all of you and looks like everyone is having fun. Hope to give you all hugs soon(hint). That little Estelle is another darling baby girl.
    You guys are doing a great job and have a wonderful family. Love, Auntie Deara

  4. Dear Friends Thank you for your beautiful comment about us .Unfortunately due to the financial situation in Italy we had to leave Verde Ristoro. We still have all the animals and our miny ponies Zac and Jinny, So if you ever pass by again come and see us at Nepi (a town near the restaurant ) let us know we would love to give the children another ride .
    All the best to you and your beautiful family
    Marisa Claudio Claudette and Sara X

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