Happy Halloween

We’re behind. So. Far. Behind. But it’s Halloween and I couldn’t resist skipping ahead to our latest adventures. And by that I mean, we had 15 kids plus parents and 1 million mini candy bars in our house this weekend.

It all started with a chicken costume. Last year I begged/coerced Paul’s mom into making it for us. Naturally Phoebe refused to wear it. Ever. Not that it mattered because we didn’t have anywhere to go. No Halloween festivities that we knew of, so… Cut to this year when our two-year old “big girl” is all about dressing up. She even put on last year’s outfit for the invitation.

Then it was one garden gnome and one flower, ordered online in the US and delivered by Ben and Mary during their fall visit.

The party was fun, full of food, candy and of course, the Monster Mash. You can see more pictures on the new and improved Foodlets now!



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6 responses to “Happy Halloween


    Too cute!!

  2. Anonymous

    you did a lot of work, and every one had a ball. cute cute cute.great ideal ,no party to go to create your own. (carol gorak)

  3. Jennifer

    That chicken costume is TO DIE FOR! That’s blackmail material for the next 20 years! You must have the best mother-in-law ever. I am in awe of her skills – seriously!

  4. Auntie Deara

    Now that is one cute little chick! And the lovely Estelle flower is beyond darling. Looks like everyone had a great time and the food sound good. I like the decor and thanks for the info and the Gnome is very gnomish. I don’t see how you do it, way to go. Love and lots of hugs.
    Auntie Deara

  5. charityc

    It was one of the homemade Halloween costumes on Martha Stewart. When I worked there we used the picture of this costume as a sample while we worked on a big website project. For months I saw that super cute picture and even though I wasn’t married or pregs (obvs) I knew I would have to have a little chicken at my house some day. Thank you Charlene!

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