The big family visit

As is the new custom, this post is terribly slow in coming but not for lack of pep. Lack of sleep and spare time, yes, but no lack of enthusiasm. To celebrate the tail end of summer, Ben, Mary, Mom, Mike and Julie all came to Italy. Phoebe, who had been talking about their arrival for weeks, was so excited to finally put her new phrases “Uncle Ben!”, “Aunt Jewie!” to use.

On their first day we did a little sight seeing by walking down to the Trevi fountain; later Ben, Mary and my mom made their way to the Pantheon.

On our second night, once everyone had gotten their bearings and a bit of sleep more or less, Mike, Julie and Mom went with us to a great little restaurant in our neighborhood. Piccolo Abruzzo doesn’t have menus but once you sit down, the food comes in waves…and doesn’t stop for about two hours. Neither does the wine and maybe that’s why we had such a great time. Well, it was probably the company but wine doesn’t hurt!


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  1. Karissa Britsch

    Hi Charity,
    How fun to have you family visit. How is Phoebe liking school? Are you doing freelance work over their?. I am so inspired by your experience, I would love to hear more about it. Karissa
    Here’s my email:
    Hope to chat with you soon!

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