And we ended up in Nice

This is funny, maybe. I had no idea that Nice was a beach town. I thought it was another ancient, walled city in France. It’s not. It’s sort of like Monaco. Fancy. Beachy. Blingy. We fit right in.

Actually, we didn’t do a lot in Nice. We arrived in the afternoon and took a stroll on the beach. Tried to find an open restaurant for an early dinner, to no avail. But then Paul’s dream came true when we ordered room service. Sadly, I was just beat. Beat, I say. I took about two bites of my 30 euro burger and called it quits. It was a lame way to end a nice trip but a girl like me needs to sleep at night and after 6 months of not doing that, I was reaching my limit. Even in France. Next time I’ll be more well rested. Next stop, home!


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