Day trip to Arles

Out and about for the second time with Barbra and crew we visited Arles, the town from where Van Gough painted some of his most famous artwork: Starry Night, Sunflowers and more.

I thought it was only okay.

Possibly tired out from traveling, more likely not sleeping for several months, I just couldn’t find a groove in this place. There was a giant outdoor arena, bearing a close resemblance to Rome’s own Colosseum. Only this one is the scene of bull fights, which continue to this day. We checked out the space, not the bull fights.

There were pastries, coffees and some souvenirs but it was hot. Phoebe and Estelle were doing fine but the whole thing seemed like a lot of effort for little enjoyment. Discouraged, I suggested we head back to the car and maybe make one more stop on the way.

I’m so glad we did. After a refreshing cone of gelato (really, it was Italian gelato) Phoebe discovered carousels. She may never be the same.

As it turns out, my French is worse than my Italian which led to a misunderstanding at the ticket booth. I bought double the amount we needed so Phoebe and I stayed on for a second time. Then Phoebe misunderstood. Apparently we’d just keep riding this magical machine all day long? No. It was time for two naps plus the adults wanted to get home. She protested valiently but her next ride came via car seat where we started a new game called Good Bye. As we rolled away through the streets of Arles, we said good bye to everything we could see. There’s something particularly sweet about a little voice from the backseat saying, “Good bye trees. Good bye bench. See you next time!”



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2 responses to “Day trip to Arles

  1. Auntie Deara

    Yea, more people pictures. You girls look so pretty, and how Phoebe has grown. Love the little yellow dress and how the rides were a big hit. What did Estelle think of the rides? Or anything!

  2. charityc

    Estelle likes to watch Phoebe do ANYTHING so she totally stared the whole time. She’s getting much more into sights and sounds now. When you hold her in the Bjorn she does an excited move where she moves her legs and arms at the same time. Like a little bug. It’s hilarious.

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