Our pool in Provence

It’s safe to say that the villa’s pool was one of the highlights of our trip. With temperatures in the 80s Phoebe and Paul swam every day, usually twice. Having our own pool was one of the stipulations when seeking a rental, and it paid off for sure. Proximity and privacy were just what we needed. That’s because our usual vacation routine goes like this: get up around 6:30am for breakfast, fresh diapers and clean clothes — not always in that order. See a sight. Eat lunch on the road or rush back home. NAP. Wake up from nap groggy and (usually cranky); swim or play around the house/hotel/villa. Dinner is served early, around 6pm. Bath. Books. Bedtime at 7pm. Followed by wine.



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3 responses to “Our pool in Provence

  1. Cousin June

    Is phoebe a red- head?

  2. charityc

    No, light brown with tons of blonde highlights. It’s beautiful hair — wish I had it too!

  3. Veronica

    Where is this villa? Can it be rented?

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