Estelle’s 6 month update


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  1. Karissa Britsch

    Hi Charity,
    Thinking about you and MISSSING you! I am so inspired by all you have seen with your family, which by the way is absolutely beautiful! Do you love living there?, are your girls going to go to school there? Catch me up, its been way too long. Chris & I want to get over there very soon! Missed you at the reunion, you did’nt miss much… (but I’m sure you know that etc.) Are traveling back to the US in the next year?, would love to see you. We have a girl Jillian age 6 & a boy Landon age 3 and so I am busy with both their programs. Some days considering going back to work…but don’t want to miss out on their childhood etc. Chris is doing very well in his Job, workin’ his way up the old ladder at the Snohmish County P.U.D. in I.T.etc…..Every-once-in-a-while, we come across old pictures of you or “Curley sayings” & trip down memory lane on the fun & funny times we had with you and realize how long it has been since we have seen you! I would love to hear from you soon.
    Karissa Britsch
    ph# 360-387-4187

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