Our place in Provence

It’s just gorgeous. Everything they say about Provence is true: it’s picture perfect, charming and full of good food. We arrived at our rented farmhouse on our third day of travel and even though we’d enjoyed a leisurely pace, we were thrilled to get out of the car. And settled in. Just as pretty as the photos online, we were excited when we drove up. The yard was shabbier than expected and the interior resembled a classic summer rental full of much-used not-precious furniture BUT it also included two high chairs, a booster seat, a baby bathtub and tub toys. We were not the first family to enjoy this place. It was brimming with kiddie stuff. It took Phoebe less than 10 seconds to spot the sand box (again with toys) nestled right on the patio covered with grapevines. An idyllic way to start for sure.

(Double click on the collage above to see much larger)


We knew the house was big, bigger than we needed for our family of four, but it was the only thing we could find with its own pool in a country setting. It turned out to have six extra beds that weren’t used once–including a refurbished attic space that Phoebe still doesn’t know existed. My friend Barbra joined us for a couple of days from Paris, occupying yet another en suite bedroom, seeing some sights with us and getting shanghai-ed into to manning the grill, but more on that later.


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  1. Holly

    what perfect looking grapes

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