A trip to Provence that started in Tuscany

(There were simply so many amazing PM photos that collages were the only way to do this trip justice. To see them bigger, double click on each collage.)

What a gorgeous trip. Our biggest getaway this summer was a trip to Provence, the south of France. And because we have two little girls now, and all the accessories that come with, we decided that driving would be more comfortable than flying. Plus it’s just so fun to say. “We’re driving to France.” So Paul plotted out a route where we’d drive no more than four hours a day, split in two parts. I found lunch spots to mark the midway point for each day’s travel. Two days there, one week in the country, two days back.

Tuscany was our first stop. In Pienza we ate the first of many expensive but decadent meals at an outdoor spot overlooking the Tuscan countryside. Not bad. Then a stroll through a village, complete with gelato.

Back in the car and off to our seaside hotel for the night. Speaking of decadence, Paul booked us a Junior Suite and it did not disappoint. Two bedrooms, one huge bathroom, one huge terrace plus a pool overlooking the sea. The two little travel cots, as they call them in Europe, looked slightly out of place in our fancy rooms but Phoebe and Estelle fit right in and especially enjoyed the giant buffet breakfast. A handful of breakfast cookies this was not. And then they were off…

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  1. Holly

    As always, beautiful photos!

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