Phoebe’s 2nd Birthday Party

The garden party was somewhere between a complete disaster and a pretty good day. On the plus side, we had sunny weather, friends, food and a pink tutu. On the annoying side, the picnic tables that I expected to use were all “reserved” when we arrived that morning.  And by reserved, I mean other people’s Italian grandparents were parked at each one with a newspaper and morning coffee, just waiting for the rest of their party to arrive. Unfortunately, this wasn’t possible for our group since the Atlantic Ocean separates our grandparents from the party space.

So, to the benches we went. Laying out the carefully prepared food, drinks and cakes. The nearby playground made up for the impromptu picnic setting. And the dirt cups were a hit–even though they were packed with “secret” ingredients like spinach, berries and wheat germ. Yep, Phoebe is that kid. At least so far.


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4 responses to “Phoebe’s 2nd Birthday Party

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  2. Auntie Deara

    Those little girls are “tutu” cute!

  3. Very interesting topic, cya for submitting.

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