The great Easter egg hunt

This year–after a nap, after attending her second sunrise Easter service— Phoebe got to enjoy her first Easter egg hunt. Together with friends we hid dozens of eggs in Villa Borghese and the little guys found them.

Estelle was there too.

In the end Phoebe kept saying one thing: “More eggs?”


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5 responses to “The great Easter egg hunt

  1. Peggy

    your children are so beautiful… keeping up with them every week and seeing how they grow and change…

  2. Bob Mathews

    Looks like Phoebe really enjoyed the egg hunt. Of course, looks like she got goodies inside them. She would not be happy at our egg hunt, ie eggs are with out the goodies. Boy, Estelle is growing. I think she is starting to look more like Phoebe.
    Love you guys Dad M

  3. Idehra

    Gosh, the girls are growing and just when you think they couldn’t get any cuter-they do! Just like their Mom, Grandma’s and Aunties too. Of course!!
    When do you think you’ll be coming to visit? It’s nice to see pics of all of you and to see all the places you visit but nothing compares to in person visits and hugging everyone. Yes, that’s a serious whine….Love ya lots, from Auntie Idehra

  4. Cedar

    Phoebe is cute. I liked how you mentioned that after the Easter egg hunt Phoebe kept saying, “More eggs.” Estelle has a nice mohawk! And I also like the 61 second movie – it was cute how Phoebe said she had 2 bracelets instead of 7. 🙂

  5. Jeanne

    Your girls are simply adorable. It brings back memories of my girls. They grow so fast and you do have a beautiful family to be so proud of. Take care and enjoy them with all that love you have to give.

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